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Enjoy guided tours in the northern Kenya range lands and Samburu Cultural diversity while viewing unforgettable scenery and rare wildlife species.Make memories that last forever.


Westgate Community Conservancy (WGCC) was established in August 2004 and started its operation in 2005. Ngutuk Ongiron Community Land (NOCL) is the Principal shareholder under the Community Land act 2016

VISION: An empowered, united community that its members can sustainably access holistic human needs without discrimination

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a platform for sustainable protection and utilization of resources within GOCL for income generation through eco-friendly tourism activities that shall address health, water , education, livestock, infrastructure and wealth creation for future generations.


Our focus areas

Community Support

West Gate stands as one of the most successful NRT conservancies by ensuring sustainable land use for the Samburu community and their livestock as well good conservation of the great species of wildlife in the NRT region and land rehabilitation.


The vast NRT region offers great and exciting tourism destinations and interesting scenery for great memorable travel experiences.From the Ewaso Lions,the Saasab Lodge,The Samburu National Park among others as well as the unique Samburu community culture.

Community engagement

 To conserve wildlife and provide sustainable co-existence between wildlife and the Samburu people  we have made strides in developing leadership,providing employment and building necessary infrastracture and education programs. 


 Westgate is a safe haven for  rare Grevy’s zebra,numerous elephants, lesser kudu, Somali ostrich, Grant’s gazelle, impala, warthog and waterbuck. We have established anti- poaching units,employed community rangers and  created grazing program for proper land use  

Financial Support

Through the NRT program we have made great steps in developing the community financially through craft-making, product development, and fundamental accounting and management skills as well providing market opportunity pastoral products


By working together with the Samburu county government road networks and different amenities have been developed making access and life easier within the NRT region.The Westgate community conservancy can easily be accessed by road or by air.


Different projects have been succesfully put up including the construction of classrooms,teachers' houses in Sukuroi and Lempaute,solar power installations in Ngutuk Ongiron and Ipus-leleuai and semi-circular bunds for water retentions and conservation


Training of women groups, the youth and men is one of the most effective conservation strategy.We train the community in craft-making, basic accounting, leadership skills and product development as well as exploring alternative income generation activities


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Land coverage

West Gate Conservancy stretches along Ewaso Nyiro river to the west of Samburu National Reserve – hence its name. Its landscape is dominated by acacia scrubland dotted with rocky outcrops and a green ribbon of riparian plant growth along the Ewaso Nyiro. The scenery might be not exactly as charming and varied as that of the National Reserve, yet it is a perfect spot for wildlife encounters and will thrill those travellers who are looking for a more private experience of the African bush and at the same time want to get a deep insight into the lifestyle of the local Samburu people. 

Measuring 400 sqkm, Westgate is a safe haven for up to 500 heads of the rare Grevy’s zebra (hence the West Gate Conservancy’s moto “We cherish to Conserve – The Grevvy zebra is our Gold”), numerous elephants, lesser kudu, Somali ostrich, Grant’s gazelle, impala, warthog and waterbuck. 

Being sandwiched between the Ewaso Nyiro in the south, Meibae Conservancy to the west and Kalama Conservancy, respectively Samburu National Reserve to the east, West Gate’s ecological role as an important wildlife corridor for animals moving between the river and the conservancies further to the north can’t be overestimated. READ MORE


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